06,07.26 Saratoga, Virginia
“Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have.” ~~Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Grimesley Family Cemetery, 7518 Chancellor Way, near the corner of Mulberry Bottom Lane, Saratoga, Virginia (Google Map) is an abandoned and desecrated family cemetery in southern Fairfax County, Virginia, located between two suburban homes. There are carved markers for James Grimesley, his wife Tabitha, Augustine W. Grimsley, and his wife Mary. There are other unreadable stones and fieldstone markers.

The property owners may be searched at this official Fairfax County, Virginia site. Enter "7516 Chancellor WY" as the address HERE. The actual street number given for the cemetery, 7518, does not exist. It seems to lay directly next to or on the lot 7516 Chancellor Way.

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"Tabitha Forgotten".
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