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Flight of the Bumblebee | by Edna Barney
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Flight of the Bumblebee

Scout found this image at Flickr's Explore of May 26, 2006, #183.


This photograph was "beginner's luck". I took my new camera outside to test it for the first time, and managed to capture this bumblebee in flight. I have never since had such luck with moving creatures in my garden.


The bumblebee is a flying insect of the genus Bombus in the family Apidae. Like the common honeybee, of which it is a relative, the bumblebee feeds on nectar and gathers pollen to feed its young. These creatures are beneficial to humans and the plant world alike, and tend to be larger than other members of the bee family. Most, but not all, bumblebee species are gentle. From this comes their original name: "Humblebee".


Bumblebees are social insects that are characterized by a black and yellow striped body, a commonality among the majority of the species of Bombus; however, some species are known to have orange or even red on their bodies. Another distinguishing characteristic is a hairlike substance, called pile, that covers their entire body, making them appear and feel fuzzy. Queen and worker bumblebees can sting. Their sting is not barbed like that of the honeybee, so they can sting more than once. (source: Wikipedia)


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Taken on May 26, 2006