24 N. Obeng (Portraits from the Inside)

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    I’m serving 11 years for conspiracy to commit robbery and this is my third time in prison. Prison does stop you re-offending if you take advantage of what’s available and want to stop offending. But there’s a limit on how far prison can help. I don’t think prison can change a person. The underlying factor for me is the change of attitude within me.

    Since coming to prison I’ve become a Christian and it’s given me a sense of direction. My faith has been my strength and anchor for a lot of the choices I make daily now. There are quite a lot of beneficial courses and I’ve really taken advantage of every opportunity that can help me stay out of prison.

    When I was 18 I didn’t really take prison that seriously. I was doing a two-year business and finance course at college but was unable to complete because I got a six month sentence to serve three months at Feltham Young Offenders. Had I really learned from that or had certain things been in place I don’t think I would be here now. But at Feltham, nothing happens to you and when I came out and tried to get back on track I still had issues to deal with and I started to live off immoral earnings – the quick way out .

    I went back to college to complete the business course and did an access course which enabled me to start a degree at university. But I was still doing things on the side that led me to prison for the second time and I received an eight year sentence.
    It’s only during this sentence that I’ve come to realise that I’m a criminal and I’ve got serious issues. It’s just like somebody on drugs - unless I deal with this matter it’s gonna mess me about and that’s the position I’m in now.

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    1. jseul 40 months ago | reply

      Nice images and a great project. Is there more info somewhere?

    2. nflndrs 40 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your comments, I am completely new to flickr I find it very inspiring. I have now added more portraits to my photostream.

    3. jseul 40 months ago | reply

      People forget (and are being told otherwise constantly) that prison is much more useful when it aims to reintegrate rather then to just punish, so I really like your approach. Would be interested in how you managed to get in and how your experiences were (like how many inmates turned you down for instance, how you found locations and poses). Also, do you plan to visit any women's prisons? Probably a very different lot of stories to find in there.

      Anyway, great work, take care!

    4. nflndrs 40 months ago | reply

      jseul the project took over 2 years to complete and I had the advantage of working in the prison in my favour. There was alot of red tape to get through with the press office and what the benefits were for the project which is self explanatory. I spent a considerable amout of time researching this area and ensured that the victims of crime were central behind my motives for photographing prisoners.

      Some prisoners turned me down for understandable reasons but the majority were supportive of the project. My experiences were very interesting with them I did all the interviews and questions and had them edited by a writer. The locations was the prison environment itself using the available ambiet light, no flash all shot on film. The poses was what worked at the time with each individual as for women prisons thats a thought for the future.

      And thanks again.


    5. Alexander´s photographs © 39 months ago | reply

      a very good picture and very significant!!!

    6. Peter Anderson Photography 39 months ago | reply

      I really like this portrait. It fits well to show the changes that have taken place during his time in prison.

    7. lookie.lew 39 months ago | reply

      °°°Please, join us! °°°
      Pics for Peace

    8. Stepan Obruchkov 39 months ago | reply

      lI like this portrait

    9. frieda ryckaert 39 months ago | reply

      With my deepest respect for this great project of 'Portraits from the Inside', great work and engagement! I will take my time to read each story carefully

    10. nflndrs 39 months ago | reply

      Hi and thankyou for your comment.

    11. nflndrs 39 months ago | reply

      The changes experienced by offenders within the prison system can have an impact on the direction they will take upon release. Thans for your comments Peter.

    12. Mike Wacht Photography 38 months ago | reply

      Great photo and story. Thanks for sharing.

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