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She doesn't like being outside. This is the only decent picture I took out of 50 because she kept running to get on my lap, she's terrified of the outside. Wouldn't even take food. =o.

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  1. Tiny Dancer Em [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

    You're invited to post in Animal Shooters (under 25 only)

    Animal Shooters

    would love to see more of your work

  2. rat_mom [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

    What a beautiful shot! I can't wait for it to be warm enough here to take the boys out. They love it!

  3. aincube 113 months ago | reply

    "So c-u-u-uute" - only this words in my head on viewing %)

    Seen in some comments. (?)

  4. She is not An Angel 112 months ago | reply

    Oh my gosh. She looks exactly like my little Arwen! I love her little chubby face. Sooo cute!

    Another story for you: (this one is happy)
    When I was about ten years old - My mother bought me a baby girl named "Sunshine." She was brown and white, very beautiful hooded rat. Three days later - She gave birth to ten babies! We really had no idea that she was pregnant. (Nor did the pet shop!) We kept six of the babies and I gave the other four to some girlfriends of mine. She was a good mommy to her babies. I miss them dearly. ♥

  5. SaraCrowe?! 110 months ago | reply

    this is an AMAZING picture!
    such great focus and colour! :)

  6. ang_s01 110 months ago | reply

    She's a beautiful little lady!

  7. loublou71 109 months ago | reply

    What a great rat, you have taken some fantastic pics.

  8. the wandering magolith, finky. [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

    my rat looks just like yours! adorable!

  9. remember that moment 108 months ago | reply

    i like his pose, what a great model :]
    good job to you on the great shot!!!

  10. gemgirlart. broken heart. [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

    This is such a great shot, please consider adding it to our group pool: Pawparazzi! - thanks!
    ~ gem ~

  11. Indra F. 107 months ago | reply

    Mine is also terrifed of the outside...
    Difficult ! xD

  12. Εduard 107 months ago | reply

    So cute! Thanks for sharing, I love it on my desktop background!

  13. harvest breeding 104 months ago | reply

    Instantly favoured!!! :-)))

  14. wafuku 104 months ago | reply

    Ooh, take care outdoors! A magpie swooped to grab my rat when it was on my window sill, luckily stopped by the glass but had it been on the grass outside, it wouldn't have stood a chance, it was so accurate and quick.
    Fabulous photos, I have to say

  15. Effy_xo 104 months ago | reply

    My Guinness hates it out side too... I think he runs back on to my lap a lot but then runs around for awhile and comes back looking all scared haha, it's really cute.
    I can't believe Bug is 3 years old! What a healthy rattie! My boys aren't even 1 yet (They will be in March ^^,)
    Your little Bug is so photogenic!

  16. *~Tammy~* 98 months ago | reply

    I love this shot. What a sweetie~ Have a great week. :0)

  17. *~Tammy~* 98 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Favorite--Post 1, Comment 1, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  18. Niseag 82 months ago | reply

    She is beautiful!

  19. DannyJ10 72 months ago | reply

    I wish my rats would sit still long enough to have their photos taken!

  20. dragoonglass 49 months ago | reply

    dear jess, I saw your image and it reminded me of bryan talbots 4 issue comic called "The Tale of One Bad Rat". I have recently been asked to slap together a poster for an comic art festival at my local college (kendal). if it is ok with you I would like to use your image as a base for the character in questions portion of the tribute. if you could give me your answer soon i would really appreciate it.


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