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Nature's guests

What a funny race humans are. The only species that destroys its own environment. The only species that has to pay to live. A species led by a self-elected 1% so cleverly obscured at the top that the other 99% don't even know themselves to be enslaved. They pump poisons into the air, into the seas, into the skies, into the water, even directly into food's DNA so that food makes its own poison, and into the drugs for the diseases accumulated from all those poisons. They set the laws, plan the world's future and dispense with whomever they wish in order to achieve those goals. Believing they are divine, they don't know they will always be dwarfed by nature's magnitude. They try to play god, but they do not know that nature is god. We are all but nature's guests.


It is through the awakening of even just a fraction of the human race that can re-balance goodness and help dignify humanity as a race. We can show that we respect, understand and co-exist successfully with nature. Otherwise, nature's growing wrath will simply shake us off like ants.


Partly inspired by the story of the superbug that has overcome the Monsanto crop.


If you want to do something good today, please read about an important change you can help bring

to California.




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Taken on March 21, 2011