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Storm Door

The first time I saw the painting of stormy ships in the music room of Weston Park, I felt an urge - but an urge to do what, I didn't know. How does a photographer take inspiration from paintings without just trying to copy the painting, or pose someone next to it? My current pictures have been trying to answer that, and challenge the place of paintings so that they take on a new life. So with a terrific feeling of excitement, I went overboard quite literally, and spilled in lashing waves of the fictional sea around my model, pleasuring in the opportunity to get closer to the painting's detail, meeting every character on each crest. Though it took a while, the result is actually quite simple: just half photograph, half painting.


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Inspirations and references... Tim Walker (loads of his images are relevant but those snail ones I had in my mind during my time here), the fashion element of Peter Kemp's work; Helen of Troy, C.S. Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader... whilst editing the dress I also thought of Brooke Shaden's flowy skirt images...


(I spent the whole of my carvery with Matthew today trying to decide on the title... funniest suggestions were 'Femaelstrom', 'Poseid herself' and 'Nauti-lass')


Shot during the PODAS workshop, using the modelling light of a Profoto parabolic/giant ;) Model is Kim Rowley. Styling by Jay Jessop. Assistance & input from Matt




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Taken on September 12, 2011