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She took the dog out

Another weird edit... be sure to check out the 'before' scene on Facebook so you get the full 'story' ;)


There are so many things I could have done differently in the shooting to open up other routes for the processing. But I've realised lately that one definition of 'art' is in the notion of eliminating possibility... of saying 'yes, I choose this, I am happy, this is as it stands'.


This was taken at our latest Shoot Experience at a new location, Dalston Heights. Again we had 5 new models, plus a 6th more familiar face, Grace Gray, the model here. She came along to do make-up, and then also put on a corset for me :)


I'm really enjoying playing around with different forms of surrealism. Levitation-type imagery is the more obvious hyper-realism, making something impossible look 'possible' down to the last shadow and crease. Then there are images that look surreal but don't actually have anything that extraordinary going on in them, often straight out of camera (which I think the trickiest to approach - I want to do more of those.) Then, there are images like this one, that are blatantly unreal but somehow not purporting to be real; self-reflexive, almost drawing attention to the very mechanics of production.


The main drive for this one was a picture I took of Grace that looked strangely painterly. So I simply decided that she belonged in the painting. There has to be some inspiration from Peter Kemp here. Peter is a Dutch portrait photographer with an amazing vision, and with whom I hope to collaborate. His work is worth a long look.


Model: Grace Gray. Costume: Valkyrie Corsets. Styled by Pash of StyleCreative. Hair & make-up: Kaylee Yasmin.



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Taken on August 13, 2011