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    More of Ariana. I liked using flash here to outline Ariana against a potentially problematic cluttered background.

    Watch the video of this whole day.

    I sometimes feel reluctant to share more than one image of each model I've shoot at MC Motors, if to show these images at all. This fashion-based stuff is new for me but I'm really enjoying it. So bugger it.

    I always feel like I'm having a crisis in my photography anyway, so what's new? Had a meeting with a gallerist in Amsterdam yesterday which was food for thought. He said my work (not this fashion stuff, but my self-portraiture) looks like the work of about 5 different photographers. Should that provoke an 'oops' or a 'hurray'? Not sure, I'll keep thinking on it, and maybe write a long-winded blog post.

    From our third shoot at MC Motors. This is our last shoot here for a while, as our summer shoots will be held in two different prop-laden places - an old house, and the top floor of an old factory.

    Dress by Stephanie Grace Foy. Model - Ariana Diamant. Hair by Tati Zarubova, make-up by Ezme Thomas. Styling - Team Aniela.
    Shot with Phase One P40+ and TritonFlash.

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    1. Karin Elizabeth fotografie ( 46 months ago | reply

      These are both fantastic! Wonderful.

    2. Dave Ormerod 46 months ago | reply

      Context is important here nat, as can be the subtleties of conversing in a second language. There is a world of difference between 'sensing the influence of other artists in your work' and 'finding your work derivative'. If he meant the former and seemed otherwise to be a nice fella, then fine. If the latter, then he intended to insult and bollox to him!

      His is still only one person's opinion nevertheless. I have met really nice gallerists and others that are really 'up themselves', so to speak. If you respect him, then he may well just not have lived up to your expectations and has revealed that he doesn't have his finger on the pulse after all.

    3. Cathie Heart 46 months ago | reply

      These are beautiful. I really enjoyed working with those Triton flashes and went to see how much they are and nearly swallowed my tongue! I think working creatively is a progression, we all face our crises and grow. I love the story on the left and the fashion on the right. A great diptych in my opinion.

    4. sweethardt 46 months ago | reply

      Outstanding. Absolutely love it!!

    5. iwilliamm2009 46 months ago | reply

      I think the new direction is working for you , gorgeous work Natalie :)))) best wishes

    6. Sunny photos by Gulfiya 46 months ago | reply

      About the gallerist. His words are fantastic complement! Especially if you develop each of your five photographers in yourself. It means you have a lot within you, you have a lot to say - not just the only theme to speak all the time.

    7. Joan Fradera | Photography 46 months ago | reply

      Nice tones and post-procesing !!

    8. jovenz 46 months ago | reply

      Magnifiche immagini, Complimenti Jovenz

    9. VinothChandar 46 months ago | reply

      beautiful shot!

    10. SophieG* 46 months ago | reply

      These are beautiful. I really like the way you used the lighting, and juxtaposing the pair somehow really enhances both of them.

    11. Helena Amor 46 months ago | reply

      I love the one on the right...the light is outstanding

    12. ellarearranged 46 months ago | reply

      Don't worry, us humans naturally compare new stuff to things we already know in order to make sense of them. I have never instantly liked something that didn't remind me of something I already loved! If your images were so unique that they did not relate to any other, they would probably be so bizarre they would need a paragraph of explanation accompanying them!

    13. hoarseman1 46 months ago | reply

      "He said my work (not this fashion stuff, but my self-portraiture) looks like the work of about 5 different photographers."
      Doesn't have to be a bad thing, maybe he was speaking figuratively. Since photography is an ongoing educational process, it seems natural for images to change significantly as a photographer gains experience and learns to use new equipment. It isn't literally the work of 5 different people, of course, but simply represents multiple phases of your evolution as an artist.

    14. Rebeca Mello 46 months ago | reply

      Lovely portrait ! A wonderful work of art !

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    15. Brian JC Osborne 46 months ago | reply

      Love your work !!

    16. Peter Kemp Photography 43 months ago | reply

      she is a great model ... well pictured ... respect

    17. Janis Lanka 39 months ago | reply

      Hey, this is another great one! Any chance you can submit it on on accompanied with lighting diagram? Would love to learn from you more!

    18. Marco de Waal 34 months ago | reply

      Nice picture! Excellent!



    19. martin alberts Pictures of Amsterdam 20 months ago | reply

      What a fantastic shot ! Very, very beautiful.

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