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Here is the band Visions of Trees. I was commissioned to shoot interesting publicity photos for them in my 'style'. First we wanted a quirky location. Having researched these disused satellite dishes on UrbEx websites, we didn't know whether they would still be accessible, but I found myself on a random recce beforehand when my family holiday to Mablethorpe took me within 20 miles of it. My sisters, mum and I trekked through a field to check they existed, and hopped around on them madly until the dog fell off one and somewhat dampened the mood.


So a few weeks later, together with Visions of Trees (Joni and Sara), their manager and their stylists, we all headed up to Lincolnshire for the night, and shot at this eerie, magnificent and somewhat unconventional location from dawn until mid-afternoon.


See a write-up, more images, and behind the scenes here.


Assistant - Mr Wolfy. Stylist: Rose Forde. Hair and make-up: Holly Silius. Thanks to Scruffy Bird Management.




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Taken on October 20, 2010