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The adjustment

I had previously tried to take pictures by this shocked tree on the Downs a couple of weekends ago, but the frenzied, freezing wind blew Matthew and I numb-fingered back to the car.

Yesterday I decided to select a book from my shelf that I've never read and never will read (but its cover enticed me, as well as title, plus its coherence with the beige colour scheme that I had going on) and return to try something on a gloriously sunny, and somewhat calmer day.


I'm the happiest I've ever been, although I've had intermittent episodes of actually getting quite upset at my seeming inability, recently, of creating a picture sufficiently engaging enough to to transcend a 'photo' and become 'art'. I have even found it difficult to imagine what a great photo looks like, even with full freedom to imagine any feat whatsoever.... I felt like I was at a loss for ideas.

It wasn't until I arrived at this tree, book and blanket in hand, that an idea perfectly fitting to the distress series came straight to me like a brisk Downs breeze itself.

I used to say that I was never bothered about concept, I just wanted something to look good, letting meanings come later. Nowadays, I find myself much more inclined to working the other way round.


Inspired by? ...A Magritte-like pic I took in San Francisco of a gentleman called Peter, and my ideas for a starting point with the image's props came from a picture on a postcard I saw on my former landlady's mantlepiece the other day, a card she kindly let me keep. It's The New Novel by Winslow Homer.


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Taken on March 16, 2009