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South by southeast

Whilst shooting myself (photographically of course) during a walk avec kanine, I thought I'd never get a shot worth looking at twice. Until I got to the post-processing stage and hit the desaturate button and meddled with midtones until I hit upon something 50s, Hitchcockian and very not 'difficult photoshoot with two things that kept getting the way: frisky dog and remote cable wire'. Well, Hitchcock was known to figuratively refer to his actors as 'cattle'. Here, looking over Stanmer Park I might just be a grazing/dozing sheep, ready to run away at the first sight of a very fast small black labrador...


I like it; the little stick-trunked trees, the view, the windblown hair - rather like dear Ms Hedren when she's been ravaged by crows, gulls and canaries (perhaps), all at once - the whole candid-camera look about this capture where I might be the nature-gazing girlfriend of someone else looking in.


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-Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as BEST of 2007.


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Taken on September 11, 2007