Seim Hall
Seim Hall (originally the West High Rise) was built in 1972 (at the cost of $1.5 million) as the third in a series of nine-story high rise buildings. It housed 293 male and female students in two-story subdivisions alternating between seventy men and seventy women. The West High Rise was renamed Seim Hall in 1984 to honor Norm Seim, NDSU's Housing Director for twenty-two years.

Seim Hall, located near 15th Avenue North and Albrecht Boulevard, currently provides housing for men and women - first-year students and upperclassmen, with men and women on separate floors. Most rooms are doubles, sharing a common foyer with shower and toilet facilities. There are limited single rooms, main floor lounge, and a 24-hour computer cluster on lower level of dining center.

Norm Seim was originally from Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. He entered Moorhead State College in 1941 and earned a two-year teaching degree. Seim enlisted in the U. S. Army after the 1941-42 school year. He served for three years in the Southwest Pacific where he earned a commission as Second Lieutenant. In 1946, Seim enrolled at NDAC and graduated in the winter of 1949-50 with a degree in industrial engineering. While a student, Seim worked in the bookstore and at the campus physical plant. His first job upon graduation was campus assistant for Buildings and Grounds. Seim remained in this position until 1957 when he took a position with Honeywell as an engineer. In 1961, Seim returned to Moorhead and spent the 1961-62 school year as an elementary school teacher. In 1962, he became Director of Housing at NDSU. He retired in 1984 after twenty-two years of service to NDSU (It's Happening at State, June 27, 1984, p. 7-8).
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