Dance, Dance, Dance
Throughout the years dances have played an important role in the social life of North Dakota Agricultural College/North Dakota State University (NDAC/NDSU) students, more so in the years gone by. The following is a glimpse of balls, proms, skips and dances at the university throughout the years.

As far as can be determined, the first “organized” dance at NDAC took place on February 22, 1899, under the auspices of the Athletic Association. (The Spectrum, March 15, 1899, p. 85)

The following provides an overview of some of the dances that were held at NDSU throughout the years:

Beaux Arts Ball - begun in 1929, was a costume-theme ball sponsored by the junior class in architecture and later sponsored by Altier Chat Noir, the national professional architectural society. This dance ran off/on until 1992.

Charity Ball - sponsored by Panhellenic Council, with proceeds donated to a charity – first one held on January 15, 1926. This was a semi-formal theme dance. Some form of this dance was run through 1972.

Co-Ed Prom - open to all coeds on campus. It was the one party of the year to which no men were admitted. Sponsored by the YWCA and probably begun in the teens. These dances ran from 1917 through 1932 and then occasionally through the 1940s.

Engineer's Ball - The first Engineer’s dance took place in 1913, and by the 1920s had become a semi-formal dance called the “Engineer’s Ball.” These ran through 1964.

Inter-Fraternity Ball - This formal dance was begun in the 1950s. A model man was nominated by each fraternity. The winner was determined by the Panhellenic Council.

Junior Prom/Dance and the Senior Prom/Dance - These were both originally held in 1909 and ran through the 1930s. These were semi-formal events.

Military Ball - The first Military Ball was held in 1917 and was a formal dance with the men in uniform or tuxedo. A queen of the Ball was crowned in the course of the evening. The queen candidates were chosen by the campus fraternities. The last Military Ball was held in 1967.

Spinster Skip - begun in the 1930s and continued through the 1950s. This dance was sponsored by Senior Staff, where the women asked the men out. As tradition had it, a couple received a cooked turkey, named Gus.

Other dances, although not an exclusive list, included the: All College Dance; Barn Dance, sponsored by Saddle & Sirloin; Cadet Hop; Flunkers Fling; Hobo Hop; Hoop Hop (after a basketball game); Lettermen’s Ball; Patio Dance; RahJah's Ball; Record Dance; Varsity Dance; Veterans Club Dance; YMCA-YWCA Dance; etc.
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