Yukon Art Residency
New work created during an art residency at the Klondike Institute of Art in Dawson City, Yukon from November 10 2008 to February 4, 2009. This set represents 3 major projects: Les Noms, LEGACY and The River's Bride.
Les Noms (a coucher dehors) is a series of words made of ice representing first names that are no longer in usage. They were taken from the 1901 Census of Dawson City during the gold rush and are of people who came from Québec originally. Many where mis-spelled or Anglicised and i have represented them they way they appeared in the census.
LEGACY: consists of 8 foot tall letters made of ice installed on the Yukon river . Wooden forms were fabricated and then filled with water in-situ and left to freeze. Unfortunately the extreme cold caused fissures in the ice and they cracked and fell almost as soon as they were exposed to the elements. The L and Y were left standing surrounded by huge broken ice blocks resembling the ruins of some frozen archeological dig.
The River's Bride: was both a sculpture and a performance. The 15 foot in diameter dome/dress represented a wedding gown. I wrote a story about a magical fish that turns into a beautiful bride who catches fish in the lace of her gown, which was performed inside the dress. The tale relates the environmental impact of over-fishing in our rivers.

This set also includes photos of the town of Daswon as it is a living museum. I particularly like the staged window displays with memorabilia of the Gold Rush era. i also participated in a local Solstice celebration on the longest night of the year- it was great fun.
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