Walters-Brandon Store
Mr. Charlie Walters built a store in Blanche, Caswell County, North Carolina, across from the railroad depot and operated at that location until the State of North Carolina relocated the road behind the store and at a higher elevation. He then built a second story to the original structure and relocated the front door on the opposite side facing the new road. Upon the death of Charles Walters the store was purchased by Henry Brandon and operated for many years as Brandon's Store.

Jennifer Powell Fain commented on your photo.

Jennifer Powell Fain wrote (15 January 2011):

"I used to go there all the time with my Papa Ernest McCann. I can still remember the sound of the bottle opener cracking open the top of the glass Coke bottles. There was a huge set of stairs on the left side of the building leading down to the back of the store towards the tracks. As a child my cousins and I played on those steps while Papa and the men folk gossiped. :) Sweet memories!"
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