Milton Women's Club
This building originally housed the Milton Episcopal Church.

Another house of great interest was the Winstead home, now owned by Jim Upchurch. That was remarkable for the family who lived there. Colin Winstead, the son, was a character unlike anyone else I ever knew. His favorite entertainment was catching little girls and kissing them. Somewhat less than welcome attention. I can remember on one occasion scratching his face so badly that it bled. He was an idiosyncrasy to be sure. His mother was the gentlest of women, dominated by her business-like husband, and very quiet. They were members of Christ Episcopal Church, and Colin was he usher who took collection. In that Church are several steps leading to the pulpit, and Colin would walk along down the aisle, shaking the collection plate as he went trying to count the money (and there was very little, mostly coins) only to stumble up the steps to give the plate to the minister. That church is now the Milton Woman's Club.

Source: "Milton Memories" by Jean Scott, The Caswell Messenger (Yanceyville, North Carolina), December 2008.
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