Bank of Yanceyville
On December 10, 1852, the North Carolina General Assembly chartered the Bank of Yanceyville. The initial stockholders apparently were: from Yanceyville: Thomas D. Johnston (1800-1883), Dr. Nathaniel M. Roan (1803-1879), Dr. Allen Gunn (1807-1884), Samuel P. Hill (born c.1824 Chatham Co...unty, North Carolina), George Williamson (1788-1859), William Long (1801-1876); from Milton: Samuel Watkins, Montfort McGehee, Nicholas M. Lewis, N. J. Palmer; from Leasburg: Solomon Lea (1807-1897), James S. Thompson, Nicholas Thompson (1781-1857); from Lawson's Store: R. J. Lawson, Q. P. Watt, William D. Bethell, Joseph D. Neal.

Thomas Donoho Johnston was appointed by the North Carolina General Assembly as one of the superintendents authorized to accept subscriptions for stock in the new Bank of Yanceyville, and he soon would become the bank's president. The authorized capital was $200,000. The General Assembly had authorized the Bank of Yanceyville to issue banknotes, which it did. Many of these notes survive. Based upon early banknotes issued, it appears that Samuel P. Hill was the first president, with Joseph J. Lawson as cashier. Later bank notes show Joseph J. Lawson continuing as cashier, but with Thomas D. Johnston as president (possibly as early as 1853/1854).

As a result of lending substantial amounts to the State of North Carolina to help fund the Civil War the Bank of Yanceyville failed and surrendered its charter in 1866. There was no bank in Yanceyville until 1906 when a new Bank of Yanceyville was chartered and began business.
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