Marley the Shar Pei (rehomed!)
Marley is a 5 year old Shar Pei. He's a lovely lad who is quite calm and relaxed. He does seem a little aloof at first but doesn't take long to warm to you. He does like to be fussed but doesn't pester you for it.
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He's good on lead and like to plod along with you exploring the countryside.
When offlead his recall seems pretty good and he'll come plodding over when called.

Marley was signed over to the rescue after he was let into the previous owners back garden with the chickens and unfortunately he killed some of them. He also got out of the unsecured garden into an adjacent field.

Marley isn't far off the finished article as a family companion. He has already lived with children and another dog, so with a little guidance to help his transition from the rescue center back to a family home he should cope well.

Marley was under weight when he came into the NCAR but he is steadily putting it back on and is looking much more healthy now.

As with nearly all Shar Peis, Marley will need help keeping his wrinkles clean with a daily wipe. He wasn't sure about this at first but is getting used to the routine now.

Come up to the rescue and take him for a walk!

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