Rhianna (out on foster)
Rhianna came into the rescue as a stray. She was terrified and would simply liked to disappear into a hole in the ground instead of facing interacting with anybody! Fast movements, noises and even looking directly at her caused her to panic wildly.
We soon noticed she was drawn to some other dogs and seemed to relax around them so we began getting her some doggie friends and let her simply enjoy some structured walking and free running with her new friends, Bobbie the young boxer, the 2 nervous collie pups, Sweep the nervous collie, Princess the hound cross, Dasha the lurcher and the lovely Cecil. These session really helped her blossom and she began to relax much more and take rescue life much more in her stride. She became so confident with me I simply tied her lead to my belt and she just trotted with me everywhere. She would make somebody a fantastic companion!

UPDATE; I've been taking Rhianna around the rescue with me whilst I work with other dogs, she is clipped to the back of my belt the whole time and just follows me around. She is great with other dogs and lets them know when they aren't showing enough manners, and generally offers a calming influence... until they are ready to play!
She also handled the open day well, again clipped to my belt she coped ok with the crowds of people, many of which came up and gave her a fuss.

here's her video; www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjAmLMlUmlE&list=UU6PSKZWl-B6...

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