car / bus / bicycle

  • TheKackler 5y

    That is why scooters are popular! XD
  • Suresh Kumar 5y

    good comparsion, thanks for sharing
  • Sean Farnum 5y

    I love it.
  • Anna & Michal 5y

    so true
  • Tim Castro 5y

    But wait! What would it look like if all the bicyclists got off their bikes and walked instead? That's right. The street would be EMPTY. If this graphic was being truly honest, then that should be displayed as well.

    Another problem with the bicycle picture: All the bikes are on the street. In my experience, a good number of those bikes should be on the pedestrian sidewalk ... where they don't belong.
  • Russ Nelson 5y

    I made a version of this photo including the subway:
    muenster_poster by Russ Nelson
  • Indra Prasetijo 5y

    So guys: get a bike:)
  • Russ Nelson 5y

    I have a bike. Can't always ride it. Sometimes I travel.
  • Stefan Schlautmann 5y

    @alfredkayser: You are wrong. This is 100% the Prinzipalmarkt in Münster, Germany. The building on the left in the back is the famous city hall of Münster where the Peace of Westphalia was signed in 1648 to end the Thirty Years' War in the Holy Roman Empire and the Eighty Years' War between Spain and the Netherlands.
  • digdugprophetie 5y

    Spot on. This should be seen as a call to rethink the way cities are planned going forward, so as to nullify the moans of those who can't see beyond the current suburban land-is-limitless mentality.
  • Narayan Lima da Silva 5y

    Cars only exists for a economic question to the automobilistic corporations. Is just a fetiche of the consumism. Is a social unequality. If the collective transport is not good enough to attend to population is because the Government gives more attention to a property private, the cars.
  • speedreed66 5y

    60 people can fit in 12 cars, or 8.5 minivans. This picture is misleading. Stupid
  • Kevin Steinhardt 5y

    @speedreed66 The word is 'can'; 60 people tend not to fit in twelve cars. I really can't think of five people I know who live and work in the same locale; unless one went out of their way to pick up and set down colleagues, those five people would not commute in one car. They would commute in four or five cars. Let's assume that two partners do live and work together, then it's four cars; another car is shared with a colleague who lives on the High Street of a village yet to be bypassed—three cars. Three cars still occupy a large amount of roadspace; another thing to mention is that the higher the speed, the greater the thinking and braking distances, the lower the road capacity.
  • shuydts 4y

    Yeah, probably a flawed picture, but at least it gets people thinking... The reason 60 people do not ride in 12 cars seems economical to me. With energy seemingly abundant and certainly cheap, in a society that promotes individual convenience at all cost, where is the incentive to make more intelligent or even practical choices? Cars have not only polluted, stagnated and endangered public urban live, the problems they created have given birth to a whole dependent economy. Our politicians and media make it clear—the health of our economy is measured in car sales and the price of gasoline. Besides, 4 or more people to a car—you guys want to go back to socialism??
  • Russ Nelson 4y

    There are no problems. There are only unmet business opportunities. What opportunities does this poster suggest to you, and why haven't you acted on them yet?

    I'll bet that the reason you haven't is because a government is preventing you. In particular, Ottawa has an online ad-hoc ride-sharing program, only they don't because the taxi drivers have a franchise from the government, and they got the government to shut down the program.
  • arju.r 4y

    this campaign is totally political... its like trying to satisfying bigger vote bank with minimum expense. its not related to road traffic problem or environment issue its a matter of society management..
  • sea_myst 4y

    And some studies (don't know how recent) claim most car trips in the US are 4 or less miles from home. A little long to walk, but kind of a waste of gas to drive (if the price is high). Bikes could be ideal for this if the roads were safe. If you have a few more minutes and are counting your pennies, you can't beat the price -- free!
  • kdeuwall 3y

    The same experiment in LUBLIN'S [Poland]:
    Space taken by 45 people by kdeuwall
  • KillMoto 3y

    Get on a bike, and hate yourself.
  • Josefine Stenudd 2y

    This is one (... some) of the best pics ever. :D
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