"The Soldier"
The Soldier: A Living History Presentation by Harold "Sonny" Hand, presented on Friday 8/24/12 in conjunction with the "Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War" Exhibit, at the library from August 15 until September 28. (Please see our Exhibit Page for more details: nbfpl.org/lincolnexhibit.html)

Sonny Hand was born and raised in Atlantic County, NJ. At an early age, his grandmother told him of her grandfather, Sam Morey, and his service in the Union cavalry in the Civil War. Sonny's interest was piqued, and he started digging, learning that his great-great-grandfather had served in a Pennsylvania unit. Many years later (in 2000) he had gathered enough material to publish One Good Regiment, the first regimental history of the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry. As a result of these years of research and study, Mr. Hand is now a Civil War living historian.

His all-ages presentation, which he gave in full uniform, concentrated on the life of a Civil War soldier.
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