Grenoble, May 2010
May 17-26, 2010

Yahoo decided to close the Grenoble, France office so I was offered to visit the office to help finalize the transition of the remaining "old Frontpages" and the CMS system the new Frontpage uses.

I had the honor of meeting extremely friendly and very smart, dedicated team. I wish I could have visited under better circumstances, but I am glad I was able to meet at least the few remaining in the office during my visit.

After getting lost on my first day, I saw how beautiful Echirolles neighborhoods are. The area is surrounded by mountains in every direction, a steady gentle wind and perfect temperature. If I spoke more French and Yahoo was not closing, I would look to transfer!

I visited Le Bastille, walked all over downtown Grenoble and also took Le Funiculaire De St Hilaire Du Touvet for a great hike with Benoit and his family.
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