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Zimmerman Trail | by FlyButtafly
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Zimmerman Trail

You mightn't know it from this photo, but Zimmerman Trail Rd. is steep, curvy, and dangerous. It goes up and around the rims to Airport Rd, and sadly several lives have been lost over the edge. Most-often the accidents have been a result of intoxication and speed (it's only 25mph and there are a couple hairpin turns as you go up.) Once, a car missed the turn and careered over the edge with two teenage/early20's young women and a 3yo. inside Sadly, the driver died, but the 3yo and passenger survived. Once, out of 4 people in a vehicle that went over the edge, only the (heavily) intoxicated driver and one passenger (who was paralyzed) survived... and his [the driver's] sentence was laughable. I could go off on a long tangent about drunk drivers and the insane leniency this city/county give them, to the point we have several stories every week about people being arrested for their 5th, 9th, and even 11th DUI!!! :( But back to the photo...


The road is pretty high as well - some of those boulders are the size of small houses. Billings is in a valley (more like the floor of a very wide canyon) and the view as you're coming down the road is pretty breathtaking. Driving it always reminds me of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland. :) When you're up there on the rims, and you can see for what seems like thousands of miles, you feel on top of the world. It's pretty incredible.


I love it here in Big Sky Country. :)

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Taken on July 29, 2012