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    A lil sad story ( somewhere in a small village near Dharampur,HP ) :

    The poor guy helped someone with money in his village. He needed money to move into the city and work in hotel's kitchen. The borrower left the village and gave him the address of hotel. Later he came to know that address never really existed. He wanted to confirm from me about that address. But ...

    1. paranoidandroid_ 109 months ago | reply

      lot of sorrow caught in this pic!

    2. Alaukika 109 months ago | reply

      You always make me miss something or the other. I have spent five years of my childhood in Dharampur. Thank you!!!

    3. photofixation 109 months ago | reply

      @Alaukika : We are always attached to our roots no matter whereever we are. Childhood memories are the sweetest ones. We can never forget our childhood.

    4. alight 109 months ago | reply

      very sad... when people betray those who are generous and kind.....
      wish i could give him something.. at least give him kindness..

    5. journeywood 109 months ago | reply

      Poor man. That expression says it all.

    6. Paul Carrington 109 months ago | reply

      even the donkey looks sad.

    7. Dew Drop 108 months ago | reply

      Heart-breaking. But makes me wonder how you persuaded him to take his picture....I don't know, feels odd ~

    8. photofixation 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks Alight,Alicia, PCarrington

      @dew drop : Thanks for your sweet comments..
      As I was trying to click the picture while he was loading the animal. He smiled got aside to allow framing the animal but I said I want both of you together in the frame. He told me me his story after I had taken my shot. I wished if coulod help him...

    9. Ekta Paneri 107 months ago | reply

      so this meant that when u took the picture, you captured it for reasons other than the sadness he had, right?

      so this explanation is nt really attachd to the pic u took, but the persons. ITs good to know that, but its not really worthy to be attached to this pic to add unnecessary drama in that pic!

      just with sme pinch of salt,

    10. photofixation 107 months ago | reply

      @Ekta : I shared it what I felt at the time of posting. Whenever I see this picture it reminds me of his story. It may look drama to you.

    11. Ekta Paneri 107 months ago | reply

      well, may be i didnt really put what i wanted to say in best words..

      .. let me rephrase.

      The picture in itself is a good composition, and it doesnt need this explanation. Specially when That explanation wasn't something that helped in 'making' this picture. it was an after thought as i read from you. So its okay if you're sharing a story and showing this photograph, independent on each other, otherwise, it does look like to me, that you're adding the drama to make picture look "sad" where infact, when you took the picture, that wasnt really ur vision, or was it?

    12. N. Mexico 107 months ago | reply

      Great photo and such a sad story.

    13. Thaozilla 107 months ago | reply

      very sad story, but a great candid shot!

    14. photofixation 107 months ago | reply

      Thanks N.Mexico and T.Bease for your visit and comments ..

    15. baby7 107 months ago | reply

      Reall very effective story..

    16. ✿ Enchลn†resŞ ✿ 106 months ago | reply

      din u help him get a small job?

    17. photofixation 106 months ago | reply

      @๑۩۞۩ Enchantress ۩۞۩๑ : Well not really becoz he was happy with his own stuff..

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