Autumn's Apple

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    'Lo! sweeten’d with the summer light,
    The full-juiced apple, waxing over-mellow,
    Drops in a silent autumn night.'

    Tennyson, from The Lotus-Eaters.

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    1. naughton321 ages ago | reply

      thanks all for your comments. i remember stealing apples from gardens when i was young - scrumping it is called, and an excellent way to spend some time. anyone else remember scrumping? ;¬)

      oh, and ambo - if i could think of a pun even half as corny as yours i would retort!

    2. october blue (away) ages ago | reply

      a lovely autumn image ....well done !

    3. Meredith Nierman ages ago | reply

      Very nice. It goes well with another great apple image taken by a friend. See:
      I saw this in A Big FaveA Big Fave

    4. ambo333 ages ago | reply

      Yay, I remember scrumping naughton. Surely the sweetest, juiciest, apple you'll ever taste.

      Jumpers for goalposts *sob* ;)

    5. naughton321 ages ago | reply

      thanks october and so much. and glad to hear someone else remembers scrumping ambo! jumpers for goalposts indeed, the sound of leather on willow, etc. ;¬)

    6. JB-CreARTive ages ago | reply

      cool picture. Looks a little bit like a worm looking out of the apple :-)
      Nice colors.

    7. DrQ2 ages ago | reply

      Ah!... Did some scrumping yesterday Bri, in the College gardens... Apples the size of melons


    8. ages ago | reply

      wonderful shot

    9. Lali° ages ago | reply

      WOW BRI! This is such a beautiful depiction of an apple.
      Great job!
      Hope all is well my friend!

    10. naughton321 ages ago | reply

      Thanks tonga, dhania, lali... :¬)

    11. Dzwjedziak ages ago | reply

      GREAT!! Looks so delicious....

    12. locamotion ages ago | reply

      an apple explosion! Great shot.(I learned a new word - scrumping!)

    13. damaging badge [deleted] ages ago | reply


    14. Perla* ages ago | reply

      Spectacular shot!
      Awesome colors!!!
      Please post it at "It’s multi-colored!!!" @

      Seen in a tag search. (?)

    15. lydia63 ages ago | reply

      Your Photo is superb ! please post this beautiful picture at
      Fruits et légumes Group .

    16. Boston_Exposures ages ago | reply

      Perfect! I love it!

    17. The World's Gaze ages ago | reply

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