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Xesh-Wing Starfighter (3) | by naugem
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Xesh-Wing Starfighter (3)

This is my entry for the FBTB Aurebesh Starfighter contest.


The Xesh-Wing is a starfighter built for speed. Used as the spear point in combat due to its superior acceleration, it is also a favorite in hit-n-run attacks and in pursuits. Its unique shape allows for better maneuvering and handling at high speeds, especially in atmospheric conditions.


The cockpit section is detachable and serves as an independent pod, useful for when the rest of the ship is damaged or for entering places a larger ship can't.


I decided to go with the Xesh character as I thought the ship would strike a good balance between odd and not-so-odd, while still being clearly Xesh-shaped. Attaching the different sections together presented an interesting challenge, but in the end the structure of the ship ended up being sturdier than I expected, and it holds together fine when handling and swooshing, so long as its held by the engines core. Due to its vertical engine arrangement and the weight of the cockpit at the front, it requires a stand to remain vertical. Maybe I'll try to add a landing mechanism later :)

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Taken on November 27, 2017