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Rockin' the Bridge | by *~Dawn~*
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Rockin' the Bridge

Have you ever had a backstage pass to see your favorite band? And when you get back there, you are tongue tied, nervous, tripping over your own feet with stars in your eyes? And then the lead guitarist says, "Get out your guitar and jam with us too." Gulp. So you get out your guitar and just HOPE your random sounds are made GREAT because you are playing with the hottest band in the world?


Yeah, well last week was like that for me...except the rockstars I'm referring to are 10 amazing photographers!


I was so excited to meet Aaron Reed and Zeb Andrews when they were here last week on their California Tour. Rich, Lisa, Dave, and I met up with them and Jave, Ian, James, Ozzie, and Cisco at Gordon Biersch in SF. (I heard the ghost of Alan Chan made an appearance too, but I blinked and missed it.) From there, we split up to shoot the bridge. (Lisa and Aaron have pretty funny stories of getting to the bridge, so I'll let them tell the story. ) When we got there, Rich and Lisa went one way, Aaron and Zeb went another, and Jave brings the rest of us to the edge of a spider-infested CLIFF, and tells us we are climbing down it. No way. Can't do it. But then I saw the guys all start heading down and knew that climbing cliffs is just something that rockstar photographers DO, so I took a deep breath & rolled on down after them. Yeah...rolled. Almost. Well...slid down on my butt is more accurate. But I was rewarded when I finally got to the bottom by a nice beach, and a gorgeous view of the bridge. We all set up and waited for the sun to go down and the city lights to go on. It was super fun hanging out with all of them & watching rockstars do their thing.


Unfortunately, while we were exploring the beach, we discovered a poor rotting dead seal washed up on the sand. It smelled BAD. It helped us decide to shoot at the other side of the beach. Well, just as conditions got perfect, the seal comes floating out into the water in front of the bridge, right in the middle of all of our shots. Then, as if given a small push by Karma, it comes floating straight towards us. It lands on the beach just yards from where I was all set up. FAB-u-lous! So it was a party on the beach with 6 photographers & one stinking rotting icky dead seal.


Now. We finish shooting, pack up, and look up at the cliff we are going to have to climb back up in the dark. Yikes. I go for a while and try to keep up, with Jave pep talking me the whole way.

Jave: "Look Dawn, we're almost there!"

Dawn: (legs shaking & weak) "Uh...we are not even half way yet."

Jave: "Don't worry, it gets easy after this one little part."

Well, it never got easy, but thanks to Jave's optimism, & a little help up now & then from him & the crew, I made it. I could not walk for two days afterward without pain (hence my new nickname from Joshua, but that's another story for a different day.)


It was awesome meeting Aaron & Zeb in person. They are even more wonderful than I expected. You know it's a great time when you all just can't stop smiling. My sincere thanks goes out to them for inviting little ol' me to play in their Cali tour.


In addition, it was great hanging out with the Cali crew, and meeting some people I've never met before. Big thanks goes to Jave, for helping & encouraging me up and down the hill, and for his time & advice in helping me learn how to do a shot like this.


I have a loooooong way to go before becoming a rockstar myself, but would like to thank the band for their support! Practice makes perfect, right? I'm looking forward to trying again, and to more hilarious adventures!

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Taken on July 20, 2010