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Unicorn Creek | by *~Dawn~*
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Unicorn Creek

I've been trying forever to get a creek shot. Every time I try though, I end up screwing something up and it never turns out like I want it to. So, a few weeks ago, I bought a new lens, and a bunch of filters the camera store guy recommended, and went on a mission to photograph a creek. I was in such a hurry to get down to the creek that I slipped on a rock and landed on my ASS ...I mean, rear-end, and my camera, with the new lens on it, landed in the dirt beside the rock. Feeling slightly nauseous, I inspected my new lens. Thankfully, it landed in the dirt, and not on the rock...which probably saved it. I moved on more cautiously towards the creek. Once there, I set up all my gadgets, fiddled with settings, and started snapping away. Fiddle, snap. Fiddle, snap. And YAY! I came away much happier this time. The river rocks aren't (very) blurry, and I think I got the water (kinda) right, even though I know the colors are really screwed up...but I kinda like them this way...all bright crazy bright and pretty. So here you go. A river shot...Dawn-style.


I'd love your suggstions on how to make it better. :-)


***Ha ha! Ok, apparently it's a worse disaster than I originally thought. Polarizing filter was used wrong. Way underexposed, and then overcorrected. Strange rainbow colors & oversaturated. BUT, it wasn't blurry! AND I get more excuses to go back to the creek and practice! :-)

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Taken on March 6, 2010