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I've Been Tagged.

I've been tagged by Jave to post a self portrait and share 10 things about myself. So, the following are 10 things that may (or may not) surprise you about me:


1. I am a survivor. I've had a heart attack, and many heart surgeries to go with it. I have been very close to death several times. I feel great now, but my experiences have shaped who I am today. I don't take life for granted--I know it can be taken away at any moment. I fill my life with things and people who make me happy. My story has been printed in a book about women and heart disease, and I am a spokesperson for the American Heart Association.


2. I am an "Indian" Princess. Well, sorta. My great (x6!) grandfather was Chief Pahu-cka (White Hair) of the Osage Nation. He got his name from an incident in his youth where, in battle, he tried to "scalp" an officer who was wearing a white powdered wig. The officer escaped, leaving Pahu-cka holding his wig. The town of Pawhuska in Oklahoma is named after him. I'm very proud of my Native American heritage (and I think a great (x6) grandfather Chief qualifies me to be a princess...right? ;-)


3. I love animals. I love to watch them, interact with them, photograph them. I get such joy out of them all (except spiders.) I once rescued a mouse from my swimming pool, blowdried him (which he loved!), gave him a snack, and set him free. I've volunteered summers at a wildlife rescue, rehab, & release center.


4. I am a tomboy at heart. As "girly" as I may seem, I actually hate most things "girly." I HATE shopping. I don't care about jewelry or shoes or purses or bows or dolls. I grew up climbing trees and playing army and "Star Wars" with the boys in my neighborhood. I love muscle cars. I love sports, but not to watch--I'd rather be playing them. I played soccer for most of my childhood, pitched fastpitch softball, was QB on my high school "powderpuff" football team. I love boating and kayaking. I want to learn to ride a dirtbike. I drive a mustang.


5. I am a rocker. Mostly. I love rock music and metal. I love going to rock concerts. But occasionally I'll listen to things more mellow. I've had guitar lessons. I am a former "band geek." I used to play saxophone and clarinet in my school jazz band (but don't tell anyone! ;-)


6. I am in love. I met my "love" when I was 12 years old, and have been in love with him ever since. Granted, there have been lots of "ups" and quite a few "downs" since we were 12, but the wonderful times well outweigh the bad. We've grown up together, been sick, scared, & stressed together, and made it through all that. We've giggled together, adventured together, learned together, built a life together. We will be married 9 years this summer.


7. I can laugh at myself. I come from a family of "smartasses." They love to tease and make fun of people. I learned early that I can either get mad when they pick on me, or learn to laugh WITH them and dish it right back. Beware. I can be obnoxious.


8. I suffer from Mathitis. I really do. Mathitis is a debilitating affliction of the left hemisphere of the brain. When people start talking about things that involve numbers (like aperture!) my eyes cross, my brain gets all foggy, and I stop listening. It can be really confusing for me sometimes to dial a phone or count money in my wallet. (Ha ha. Ok, JUST KIDDING! I don't have a math disease...but I'm really really really bad at math.)


9. I'm shy. No, really, I am. Some of the time. I am a complete chicken about some things. I get nervous calling people on the phone. I don't like to say "hi" first. I don't like to go places by myself. However, I LOVE to be social--I love to laugh and be silly and sarcastic and crazy, so if I feel comfortable with the people or the situation, I'm completely the opposite!


10. I love to learn. At least I do now. I was waaaay too busy being social to bother with learning (school-type things) in middle school and High School. After barely gradutating High School with a 1.6 GPA, I signed up for college the following fall with a new attitude. I graduated from a great University with a degree in English Literature and Writing (which explains the length of this "about me.") I now teach 2nd grade and love it (except for the math.) I love to teach history and science. I love to see my students apply what I've taught them. I love their questions and their cute comments. What's even more wonderful is that the kids teach me something new every single day.


10. I tend to ramble. Oh, wait, math again. I already did 10, didn't I?


Anyway, if you got this far--that's me! :-) I didn't include that I have a passion for photography, because I think that's evident.


Please feel free to ask about, comment on, or make fun of any of the above. :-)


I'm supposed to "tag" ten people, but instead, I'm going to DARE you all to tag yourselves here and do it too. :-)

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Taken on February 18, 2010