National Zoo Games 2012
The tigers are already showing off their perfect gymnastic dismounts. The crocs are perfecting their mid-air jumps. The orangutans have sharpened their brachiating skills. And the pandas are working on bending it like Beckham. Which can only mean one thing: It’s time to celebrate the world’s finest animaletes in the National Zoo Games at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo! Each activity that the animals participate in is an important component of the Zoo’s Animal Enrichment program, which provides physically and mentally stimulating activities and environments for the Zoo’s residents. Keepers and curators carefully study animal behavior and determine what kinds of enrichment ensure that the Zoo’s animals have a high quality of life.

As we post the photos on Facebook and Twitter, we'll get the photos up here on Flickr. Follow along for the next few weeks as the Zoo posts photos, videos and fun facts broadcasting the best of sport in the animal kingdom, from weightlifting ants to water polo playing lions.
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