Last Chance to See the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Lion Pride Together
Photo Credit: Jim Jenkins, Smithsonian's National Zoo

A big change is in the wind this winter for the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s lions. The time when all “magnificent seven” juveniles can share a yard at the Great Cats exhibit is winding down, and Animal Care staff have begun preparations for separating the 1½-year-old male juveniles from their father, mothers and sisters.

Over the next couple of weeks, visitors will still have the opportunity to enjoy the playful antics of the entire pride. Lion/Tiger Keeper Rebecca Stites will join the Zoo’s behavior watch team to note the juveniles’ social interactions, look for territorial markings, and watch for other cues that suggest Baruti, John and Aslan are ready to be in their own bachelor group.

To learn more about managing a pride of growing lions, read the latest keeper update on the Zoo’s website:

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