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National Zoo’s gorilla baby is six months old!

The National Zoo’s baby western lowland gorilla, Kibibi, is six-months-old today! A healthy and curious baby, Kibibi explores every nook and cranny in her habitat. She plays, crawls, and likes to touch everything—and then, like most babies, puts everything in her mouth. Kibibi is also getting to know her siblings, with mother Mandara always watching nearby. When she ventures a bit further away than she should, she is scooped back to the safety of Mandara’s arms.


Kibibi’s favorite thing is exploring new flavors. In one week, she used her new teeth to try celery, ape chow, papaya, and chard, as well as less-palatable morsels like hay and bamboo.


Kibibi’s siblings are getting used to her being part of the Great Ape House. Her seven-year-old brother, Kojo, initially reacted to Kibibi’s arrival by dividing his time between being a loving brother and a baby-poking, hay-throwing nuisance! He appears to have gotten over his jealousy, however, and now dotes on and likes to hold his baby sister, even carrying her between enclosures while Mandara looks on. Mandara and Kibibi have also spent some time with Kibibi’s father, Baraka. Though always vigilant in his role of protector, he has also started to interact with his daughter. On one occasion, he passed the pair on his way to dinner and stopped to pat both his mate and his baby on the head.


Kibibi, her mother, and the rest of the great apes can be seen in their habitat at the National Zoo’s Great Ape House.


Photo Credit: Mehgan Murphy/Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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Taken on June 16, 2009