National Portrait Gallery doppelgänger exhibition, Portrait Island, Second Life
doppelgänger exhibition
23 October 2009 - 23 March 2010
National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

iGods, 2009
by Gazira Babeli

temporary self portrait in preparation for the singularity, 2009
by Andrew Burrell (Nonnatus Korhonen)

Autoscopia, 2009
by Adam Nash (Adam Ramona), Christopher Dodds (Christo Kayo), and Justin Clemens (Jack Shoreland)

iMirror, 2007
Cao Fei (China Tracy)

CodePortraits, 2009
Patrick Lichty (Man Michinaga)

doppelgänger is the second in a series of virtual exhibitions held by the National Portrait Gallery that explore contemporary notions of portraiture in the online realm. Based in Second Life the exhibition features the work of five artists interested in exploring the concepts of constructed self, beauty and likeness, truth and illusion in self representation.

Island Design by Greg More, Director, OOM Creative

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