Man with a spirit face appearing

Creator: William Hope (1863 - 1933)

Date: c. 1920

Collection: National Media Museum Collection

Inventory no: 2002-5054/21

Blog: G is for ghosts... the birth and rise of spirit photography


A man's blurred face appears next to the sitter, surrounded in an ethereal-looking 'mist'. The signature in the upper right hand corner belongs to the sitter.




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  • Invoco al Sol 7y

  • javelinjane 7y

    Doesn't he look a lot like the :Wizard: from Oz?
  • Lynn (Gracie's mom) 6y

    Wow. Far out.
  • Stephanie Manuel 6y

    lol @ Austin Darling

    It is well-known that "spirit photography" was popular in this era. Hello, double exposure.
  • V.H.Paris 6y

    lol looks like a Victorian Jambi Ghost...
  • lloyd09 6y

    This picture from the National Musuem , the frowen you see of
    the face of his women beside you see him as they pass through
    the image of smoke.
  • tiberiousss 6y

    He seems oblivious so what does it matter after the fact...I'm sure the ghost has moved on to other things and certianly more interesting people. This guy looks dead hmself.
  • Andy Gorman 6y

  • by rosângela 6y

    Fazer uma colagem, é muito fácil!
  • JacqueBenson 6y

    Sucker born every minute! ;-)
  • belle1233_photo 6y

    They were great Con Men and Women in every age!
    The people that did the Spirit Pictures were talented with camera's.
  • Araceli Ejarque Molini. aem 6y

    The versace spirit...
  • .Mike Photos 6y

    looks like great double exposure work..
  • Kylie Chavez-Gruss 6y

    Hahaha, tranny ghost :P that made me laugh.
  • Perfesser Bear 5y

    Hokey Smokes!
    This one is so convincing it couldn't possibly be faked!
  • Joshua De Silva 5y

    hmm too much exposure Sir watson... XD
    it's interesting to think these photographs were taken at a time where there were no computers (hence no photoshop). They might be hoaxes but i still dont care, doesnt make it anyless amazing that someone could produce such a result with god knows what technique's.
  • Claire 5y

    Grandma, please get out of my picture and comb your hair.
  • Jiffy Cat 4y

    "tranny ghost" best notation ever
  • FabFabZ 3y

    it looks like his head is coming out of a horse's ass!
  • Stephanie Manuel 3y

    Hahahaha! @FabFabZ
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