• Looks like the picture from that movie "The Others" - Davor Desancic
  • why so much air on the top? did the photographer know the spirit was there? strange... - El Corintio
  • The pictures of "spirits" that I've seen, don't show the "spirit" this clearly. Fake photo. - Artificial_GOD
  • This is most likely a photo created to Support Spiritualism, a 19th century phenomena that used psychics and medium to talk to the dead. most of it was fraud, if not all. - firexbrat
  • I totally agree with El Corintio - RanaSpot/Busy
  • Regardless of whether it's fake or not, it's still a very well-done, beautiful picture. - A Leprous Witch
  • Guardian Angel ??? - SiobhanHayes
  • can add around ten more smiling spirits up here! - Pushkar V
  • Yeah I agree with that as well. Why is there so much space above the couple? - Stephanie Matti
  • Muuuch too clear to be real, if there are such things... - Prønk_54
  • Or maybe the image is a fake, phony. It is possible that the photographer either edited the image to give it that look, or simply "blended" parts of the photograph in. I know I'm popping the fun bubble, but looking at some of the other pics, it can be reasonable to enough to consider- - Awesomehairdude
  • (cont.) -how many of these look real? - Awesomehairdude
  • fake?! - freeworld2009
  • Faaaaake! - eringobragh915
  • yesssss - Lira ♥
  • mom ? is you ? - J.Victor.
  • I would run like HELL if I ever saw such an evil-looking "spirit" ! - Sister G.
  • Looks like that nasty old Gypsie from "drag me to hell!" - mtnman867
  • Add your note here. - Aullandolibres
  • how did these old people get in the picture. are they the spirit. j/k - Paul Felix Molina
  • blooody helll xDD - xangieex
  • is d ghost afraid to come in photographs des days.. anyways granny u look gud - eletrobon
  • Its the girl from Avatar!!!. - Davey Doyle
  • so sweet - She Said Unprintable Things
  • scary - H i l d a a a a a a a a a a ♥ [Gone Forever]
  • A blessing on your head
    (Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov)
    To see a daughter wed
    (Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov)
    And such a son-in-law
    Like no-one ever saw
    The tailor Motel Camzoil - Meir Cats
  • nhìn gê chết mẹ =)))))))))) - Ny Trần ©
  • spirits on crack...it was the latest trend back then. - www.musephotos.com
  • Another spirit in his photos wearing a veil - he must've thought veils were creepy - afraid of commitment perhaps? - tamaramarie3
  • بوووو - Peace And Love [ Busy ]
  • I see dead people! - 6u5
  • big big big note! yaaaa! - MosH MosHI

Elderly couple with a young female spirit

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Creator: William Hope (1863 - 1933)
Date: c. 1920
Collection: National Media Museum Collection
Inventory no: 2002-5054/18
Blog: G is for ghosts... the birth and rise of spirit photography


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  1. deathant 46 months ago | reply

    This ghost looks like Mary Shaw from Dead Silence. xD

  2. juansmct 44 months ago | reply

    Shit... thats creepy

  3. durrani2012 44 months ago | reply

    spirit woman is beautiful .......

  4. Ingrid Arnoni 43 months ago | reply

    Wow, this picture is so amazing! I love this!!! Nice colors.

  5. CLOSE CLOSE [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

    omgggg X_X

  6. fagnem 39 months ago | reply

    I viewed this picture earlier also well such souls and human spirits do wander around people they love or they get acquainted when they find some interesting thing or reason further some spirits help and some do enormous harm and I believe they can do anything until the time of departure do comes from god.

  7. Aditama89 39 months ago | reply

    its true ?
    very creepy . . . .

  8. Ms.Haunted 38 months ago | reply

    the ghosts are to perfect.. and with older film like that... makes it hard to believe.

  9. chrome blue 35 months ago | reply

    It's beautiful. Whether or not it's real, the photographer employs composition and lighting techniques with talent.

  10. grandma espo 24 months ago | reply

    Notice how most of these supposed spirits wear a veil? It signifies death, the small thin veil between death and life.

  11. zlaya2009 17 months ago | reply

    жуть какая-то...

  12. Lucy Photography. 17 months ago | reply

    Hard to fake this.

  13. dillonjames26 13 months ago | reply

    These images were taken by William Hope and were exposed as fake in 1922. For all of the people saying 'fake', your discovery is 92 years late. Multiple exposure is an old technique.

  14. sunnychan1998 5 weeks ago | reply

    i cant help laughing at all the comments where ppl are coming up with reasons for how this image has to be fake..like the dude above me said..it was proved years ago..xD

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