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Nature's greatest enigma. See the double bodied personality star

1938, Reference: Eph-B-CABOT-Variety-1938-01


The 1930s seems to have been a decade fascinated by freaks; perhaps the release of the classic movie “Freaks” in 1932 was a catalyst.


Arthur Rodella Greenhalgh (1896-1972), one of the promoters of this sideshow, was a member of the Showmen's Guild of Australasia, as was Cabot. Greenhalgh had teamed with American wall-of-death motorcyclist Ernest Jackson Ibsch (1896?-1965) to form the entrepreneurial partnership of Greenhalgh and Jackson, and they brought sideshows to the Evans Bay Carnival in 1937, 1938 and 1939.


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Taken on February 3, 2011