Crowd in Willis Street, Wellington, awaiting the results of the 1931 general election, 1931

Photographer: William Hall Raine

Crowd in Willis Street, Wellington, awaiting the results of the 1931 general election, 1931

Reference number: 1/1-004500-G

Dry plate glass negative

Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library


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  • Gustav Gullberg 5y

    Hats are the best! Wish I'd lived back then just so I could've admired all the hats up-close.
  • xon_fedaa 5y

    And I thought modern traffic jams were bad!
  • Michaela Edwards 5y

    I do love a man in a hat... i would have had trouble in those days.
  • rani takan 5y

    woow is really nice
  • Ryan 5y

  • columbiaboots1 5y

  • me_suz PRO 5y

  • Robert Powell PRO 5y

    I think that guy has my hat on.
  • Jim Unterschultz 4y

    In Concert ...
  • Adarrius Joseph 4y

    I wonder what was the emotion of the crowd, they seem to be poseing almost or aleast pretty calm waiting patiently. Iwonder was it quiet at the time of the photo and did the flash echo? Im talkin about the shot from behind.
  • navalstone 4y

    wow, great!! love the hat! it's like from the hitman blood and money game.
    fitness first janitor
  • deliah fawn 4y

    oh my oh my! the hats are taking overrrr :O
  • R.W. (Willem) Tjerkstra 4y

    It's only men! Where is the other 50% of the population?
  • Arlington_TMcK 4y

    In 1931 New Zealand, who knows? This might be a crowd entirely comprised of Fedora sportin' Kiwi women.
  • Bill Hendricks PRO 4y

    damn... great interactivity... and use of the tools provided by flickr. genius!
  • Kurt Sadjina  3y

    What a great shot!
  • zaphad1 PRO 3y

    I cant get over that flash gun!!!
    They dont make them like that anymore lol!
  • Andrey Boyar 3y

    there is the same frame in a movie by V.Pudovkin!
  • Yun Ping 1y

    sea of hats.....
  • mikescottnz PRO 8mo

    This vintage photo was used in the NZ Wellington-based newspaper today page A7 with the headline on M.J." 'Savage voters ignored slur of reds and poisoned chocs'."

    In 1935 Wellington's papers watched on as Michael Joseph Savage became the country's first Labour prime minister.
    We could certainly do with a genuine 'most-beloved' leader in NZ right now.
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