Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

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Photographer: William Hall Raine
Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931
Reference number: 1/2-066547-F
Original negative
Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library

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  1. excellentzebu1050 16 months ago | reply

    wooow Magnificent

  2. Viewminder 11 months ago | reply

    What a good time!

  3. [expletive deleted] 10 months ago | reply

    That is the ruliest mob I've ever seen.

  4. Viewminder 10 months ago | reply

    Totally rulie!

  5. mdaemiid 9 months ago | reply

    great work +++
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    keep up the great work

  6. fjbezos 9 months ago | reply


  7. farhad.rahman90 8 months ago | reply

    Excellent and mindblowing snap

  8. NOL'Z 7 months ago | reply

    they are in their best then, in crowd like that; if it is today's crowd, you can see somebody in nude. Great work!

  9. RGranroth 6 months ago | reply

    someone musta had a heckuva sale on hats

  10. toddlertoes 6 months ago | reply

    @paul anthony bulao Follow: brilliant comment

  11. sgravity gravityano no no no no nolmonda40 6 months ago | reply

    i wish vto cancel flickr. i donot want you on my computer, what dont you understand

  12. sgravity gravityano no no no no nolmonda40 6 months ago | reply

    yes get off my computer. i will contact the fcc

  13. Lara_Williams 4 months ago | reply

    Amazing capture! Wonderful!

  14. ShutterObscura 3 months ago | reply

    This is so cool, i love it!

  15. ShutterObscura 3 months ago | reply

    Now can anyone spot the police officer in the crowed!?

  16. ClockworkElf 3 months ago | reply

    I can see two

  17. Tharkon 2 months ago | reply

    Hard to believe almost all these people are dead...nuts looking at old pics.

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