Lulu Farini
Samuel Wasgatt (1855?-1939) first achieved international fame in the 1860s as 'El Nino', an acrobat and the young protege of the showman William Hunt ('The Great Farini').

They first performed as 'Signor Farini and son, the Flying Wonders' in 1866 but by 1870, Farini unveiled a female acrobat called Lulu in place of his 'son'. Unknown to press and public this was Wasgatt with long hair and in female dress.

Lulu performed to packed houses in Europe and the United States and his career continued after his true gender was made public by 1876.

The two men reunited in 1885 for an expedition across the Kalahari desert. Lulu became the expedition's photographer and his photographs were subsequently exhibited in London and formed the basis of the illustrations in Farini's book 'Through the Kalahari Desert'.

Lulu's images include images of the local Baster and Griqua peoples, mining in Kimberley and the extraordinary landscapes of the region. Many of these photographs seem to have been taken from difficult vantage points and appear to demonstrate Lulu's physical as well as artistic skill.
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