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    Description: Letter of complaint from dismissed official ("dejobbed person").

    Date: February 2nd 1929

    Location: Calabar, Nigeria

    Our Catalogue Reference: Part of CO 1069/65

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    1. FlickeringEyeballs 39 months ago | reply

      Hilarious... One wonders if this was meant to be taken seriously.

    2. kbo_ 39 months ago | reply

      It is so funny I posted a comment here

    3. staticgirl 39 months ago | reply

      Marvellous letter. Although maybe the text was supposed to be humorous I wonder if the writer had suffered from undiagnosed depression after 'pitching 16 infant children into this vale of tears...' It would explain any 'laziness'.

    4. Fraser P 38 months ago | reply

      Brilliant. Just shows that all those amusingly orotund scam emails have a fine literary heritage.

    5. laisla bonita 38 months ago | reply

      flaming thunderballs! how did he(a nigerian) come up with such english back in those days.
      remarkable, with a good sense of humour!
      and oh......very funny fraser p...

    6. panflora26 38 months ago | reply

      My father was an official in the P&T Dpt in Lagos for a while in the late '40s, early '50s and had to demote one of his staff ( by the name of 'Krepi') for a specific misdemeanour. A few days later he received a letter in a similar vein (unfortunately no longer existing and my father passed away 7 years ago) in which Mr Krepi was adamant that he be re-instated, describing himself as a 'a veritable diamond in the bush'. A nice resonance with this letter.
      M Rai

    7. looniz2011 37 months ago | reply

      No wonder they have such great writers Achebe,Soyinka,Amadi, Saro-Wiwa (the late).You can see the kind of foundation they got....

    8. mtrank 28 months ago | reply

      An extraordinary letter, so wonderful it occurred to me it could be a spoof?????!! If it's in the National Archives how come Flickr (top right of page) says "This photo was taken on February 11, 2011 in Calabar, Cross River, NG."

    9. The National Archives UK 28 months ago | reply

      Hi mtrank,

      I promise it's not a spoof! We're attempting to georeference as many of these images as we can (many have been done by machine and not all are accurate) but the dates on the right by and large remain the upload or scan date rather than the date the document originates from - 1929 in this case.

      It's a brilliant document and we were very excited to discover it as part of the project.

    10. lobalam 18 months ago | reply

      même avec une loupe j'arrive pas à lire!

    11. Ruth Flickr 17 months ago | reply

      February 2nd 1929
      Kind Sir,
      On opening this epistle you will behold the work of a
      dejobbed person, and a very bewifed and much childrenised
      Who was violently dejobbed in a twinkling by your goodself.
      For Heavens sake Sir consider this catastrophe as falling on
      your own head, and remind yourself as walking home at the
      moon's end of five savage wives and sixteen voracious children
      with your pocket filled with non-existent L S D; not a
      solitudery sixpence; pity my horrible state when being
      dejobbed and proceeding with a heart and intestines filled
      with misery to this den of doom; myself did greedily
      contemplate culpable homicide, but Him who did protect
      Daniel (poet) safely through the lion's den will protect
      his servant in his home of evil.
      As to reason given by yourself /goodself esquire for my dejobbment
      the incrimination was laziness.
      No Sir. It were impossible that myself who has pitched
      sixteen infant children into this valley of tears, can have
      a lazy atom in his mortal frame, and the sudden departure
      of eleven pounds monthly has left me on the verge of the
      abyss of destitution and despair. I hope this vision of
      horror will enrich your dreams this night, and good Angel
      will meet and pulverise your heart of nether milestone so
      that you will awaken, and with as much alacrity as may be
      compatable with your personal safety, you will hasten to
      rejobulate your servant.
      So mote it be - Amen
      Yours despairfully
      Sgd Asuquo Okoa Inyang

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