The Big Three at Yalta

Description: Yalta Conference, Crimea. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.


Date: February 1945


Our Catalogue Reference: INF 14/447


This image is from the collections of The National Archives. Feel free to share it within the spirit of the Commons.


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  • The National Archives UK PRO 5y

    Actually our Ministry of Information file on this is very, very scanty. It's a large print and a negative on Kodak safety film and that's pretty much it.

    We'd love to have more information: that's why we're here!

    (I should perhaps add that I believe NARA hold the same image)
  • swanq 5y

    A similar photo from the Library of Congress collections is at
  • hvr57 5y

    The original of this photograph is held by the Imperial War Museum which is the place of deposit for all British photographs relating to the Second World War. If anyone has any queries about who took this please contact
  • iwillglo 5y

    great photograph
  • Burlap Jacket 5y

    Similar vantage point to this one taken on Kodachrome.
  • richard thomson PRO 5y

    A bit lilac. The national archives should delete the irreverent comments!
  • jentizzle 5y

    I think it's ENCOURAGING to see The National Archives opening up access to these photographs by uploading them to flickr and then in keeping with the culture of the community, allowing users humor and social interaction. It's important to note that this photostream IS NOT The National Archives, not a mausoleum, it's still flickr! You can reserve all your (appropriate) stodginess for when you visit the real article at Kew.

    The more people comment, the more other people will view the photographs.
  • richard thomson PRO 5y

    I was being ironic (note my exclamation mark). I still think it's lilac.
  • Jason White/Big Lion Head 5y

    For those of us with a sense of surreal humour and the like, I made this..
    ...from the above photographic document.

    This may be a dumb question but in terms of this (and other images)..... What does "lilac" mean? It sounds.... well, it sounds a bit 'flowery'.
  • jentizzle 5y

    Ha, oh.
  • Aubrey Alexander Hill 5y

    Thank you for adding this interesting photo. Churchill looks uncomfortable, as if uninvited (is he Europe?), holding on to his hat (has he just arrived?) and crossing his feet. While Roosevelt, his left foot pointing towards Stalin, has turned his head the other way, towards Churchill, as if saying to him ¨You´re still here, are you?¨. Stalin also seems tense, wringing his hands and hiding his thumbs. There again, I may be reading too much into it and it´s just a remarkable picture. Praise to the photographer for freezing this moment in time!
  • donaldsterp 4y

    lol nice old photography
    james@ pheromones
  • pjgacoenen 4y

    Really nice photograph! I remember that this picture was in my history book in High School, brings back memories!
  • Teemu Ikonen PRO 3y

    Fantastic! I've always seen this shot in b/w while reading about these people and now, all of a sudden, they seem alive! The power of photography, eh? Roosevelt, I believe was already gravely ill and Churchill was only a little better. Stalin, alas, was going strong although already an underdog in cold war spirit.
  • Howard Dickins PRO 3y

    Stalin loos a bit lost. I suspect the other two are making jokes at his expense.
    But at least he has by far the nicest coat.
  • _sarchi PRO 3y

    the guy sitting between churchill and stalin is not john le mesurier but lord mountbatten
  • Jason White/Big Lion Head 3y

    _sarchi It's not Churchill, it's Arthur Lowe.
  • _sarchi PRO 3y

    Jason White/Big Lion Head
    no it's not it's umphrey bogart and your on halfa high
  • Jason White/Big Lion Head 3y

    _sarchi Half a high would be like going half way up stairs; pointless :)
  • k c lee 3y

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