Murray Meander part one
The National Museum of Australia (NMA) is preparing for a major international exhibition on water, arriving in late 2009. The Water exhibition, was created by the American Museum of Natural History in New York and will travel to various partner museums. It will be at the NMA from early December 2009 to mid May 2010, and will include a component that we are developing on Australia.

‘Australia’s water story’

Australia has developed its natural water resources to boost food production and international trade and create a higher standard of living. But it also faces grave water issues, stemming in part from drought but also from over-exploitation of its resources. We'll explore these themes in the exhibition.

As part of preparation for the exhibition, I journeyed down the Murray River in May 2009. Partly the trip will inform the exhibition curatorial process but also I wanted to provide insight into the Murray for its own sake. The Murray’s natural, historical, Indigenous and other values are key parts of the Australian story.

I hope that as you meander along the river with me you will enjoy these images and find the text illuminating. This image selection is part one of the journey, from the Murray’s headwaters to around Swan Hill. A second trip will complete the journey to the Murray mouth.

— Matthew Higgins, Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia
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