Bademote anno 1954
Disse fotoene stammer fra fotoarkivet etter Billedbladet NÅ og viser bade- og strandmoter fra 1954.

Riksarkivet fikk Billedbladet NÅs store billedarkiv som gave fra NTB i 1998. Det inneholder bilder fra årene 1953 til 1988 med negativ og kontaktkopiark i ca. 14 000 nummererte konvolutter i kronologisk orden.

Illustrated magazine NÅ was founded by Libertas in 1952. NÅ was published biweekly in the beginning, later weekly.

Several renowned photographers are represented, and the entire shooting sequence is preserved, not only those images that were used in the magazine. The photo archive also includes some documentation of the work with the magazine. In 1995 it was closed down.

The National Archives received this large picture archive as a gift from the NTB in 1998. It contains pictures from the years 1953 to 1988, with negatives in approx. 14 000 numbered envelopes in chronological order. The envelopes mostly have a short text with information about the photographer and the occasion.
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