Juliana met Beatrix / Juliana holding her daughter Beatrix

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    Spaarnestad Photo, SFA002006658

    Pasgeboren prinses Beatrix op schoot bij haar moeder, kroonprinses Juliana, 1938.

    Collectie SPAARNESTAD PHOTO/Wiel van der Randen

    Newborn princess Beatrix with her mother, crown princess Juliana. The Netherlands, 1938.

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    1. shelteringskies 73 months ago | reply



      I was asked for permission to use my photo a few months ago and gave it immediately and thus this blog post from the Smithsonian... blog.photography.si.edu/2009/10/16/retouching-reality/ .... I just felt I had to reply to the blog post... I am including it here as well :

      The debate about reality vs. aesthetics of photo has long been argued and will no doubt continue to be. Both versions of the photo continue to exist and have a purpose… but as an artist, I manipulate photos to bring out an inner beauty that is clarified by the removal of distractions. Another point is that the camera is a machine and only able to capture one moment in time, mechanically and without the higher processes of the human brain. The light, the shadow, the hard reality limited to 2 dimensions of what the machine records is not necessarily what our ever processing brains perceive, remember, or even register as seeing. I believe that photo retouching can simply create an image that is more close to what our brain perceives as it calculates the momentary changes in light and the three dimensional shape…and perhaps even their emotional connection or response to the subject.I do not claim that is anything more that what is to own eye and no one elses. This photo, aesthetically has beautiful composition and lines and to my eye, I could see that ethereal theme of mother and child enhanced even more with some photo retouching. I didn’t retouch this photo for any other reason but because it was interesting for me to work on it and see the results. I thought I would share it for whoever else found some value in it.

    2. fotoproze 69 months ago | reply

      Wasn't Beatrix born in Ottawa? The room she was born in was designated a part of the Netherlands by an act of Parliament and remains so to this day, but I find it hard to believe they would go back to the birthing room to take this photo... not impossible just unlikely ...Lloyd
      Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

    3. shelteringskies 69 months ago | reply

      I think they just meant newborn in the sense of a baby under one year old... Beatrix is much too large and alert to be a technical newborn...who knows where it was taken or if it makes a difference... this is a portrait of a mother and child...and a beautiful photo wherever it was taken.

    4. fotoproze 69 months ago | reply

      shelteringskies My appologies, it was Princess Margriet who was born in Ottawa and it was the rooms at the Ottawa Civic Hospital that are Dutch territory. Juliana came to Canada, only in 1940 and Margriet was born in early 1943. I have checked my facts... Lloyd
      Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

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