Brotherly Love

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    Tiger cubs Connor and Christopher share a moment at the San Diego Zoo

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    1. teh resa 38 months ago | reply

      This would be a case where I think it would be fair to photoshop the background. Maybe just put some blurry leaves or something like that. Usually I don't like that sort of manipulation but in this case its just a black background and you wouldn't be doctoring anything in any significant way. You say upfront that its from a zoo so why not try to make the background a little easier on the eyes?

      Not too bad otherwise but still


    2. San Diego Shooter 38 months ago | reply

      teh resa interesting...I have never been requested to make a background more cluttered!

    3. teh resa 38 months ago | reply

      If did put something into the background it would have to suit the lighting of course.

    4. teh resa 38 months ago | reply

      not cluttered just some dark obscure shapes that suggest a natural background. I have an ancient old photoshop book that I bought maybe 10 years ago, one of the best "fixes" was a zoo animal shot where the background was plywood and changed to something more natural and leafy looking. That might not work with the lighting in this case but still it could be less black and include some dark shapes and tones.

    5. Paul Frankl 38 months ago | reply

      not for me, I'm afraid. At a loss to say why but I suppose it's the composition is not very interesting (to me),


    6. The Official Holly Ferocious® 38 months ago | reply

      the light's not wonderful friggin cute!

    7. steve-jack 38 months ago | reply

      dark eyes


    8. poppelus 38 months ago | reply

      fairly well done, me thinks


    9. Migom Foto 38 months ago | reply

      wonderful capture...bravo!

    10. beckstei 38 months ago | reply

      to pedestrian.. uncool.

    11. ponzü 38 months ago | reply

      I would have left more room at the top of the frame, but the moment trumps.

      -Voted cool5 (from The Icebox)

    12. gdiazdeleon 37 months ago | reply

      Awfully framed.


    13. A Life of Cyn 37 months ago | reply

      Awfully cute, but I think it needs a little more breathing room around the edges.
      -Voted uncool6 (from The Icebox)

    14. Dan Hiris 37 months ago | reply

      Does not need breathing room, is perfectly framed, not pedestrian, the light is harsh but is directional giving it good dimension.

      You're the Terry Richardson of Zoo Photography ;)


    15. Edson_Matthews 37 months ago | reply

      Framing is off and that neck shadow isn't doing you any favors on the aesthetic appeal. You've got better shots from these guys than this one.

      --voted uncool7

    16. MiltonDonKeynes 37 months ago | reply

      were they posing? cool

    17. an7ana5 37 months ago | reply

      very cute cats ..... would like to see more of it

    18. jakerome 37 months ago | reply

      Love the deep black, hate the shadows.
      -Voted uncool8 (from The Icebox)

    19. Stinkersmell 37 months ago | reply

      Not sure I get the cool/uncool commentary (are you part of an informal group that offers critical reviews?), but I think this as a exceptional photo. I like the stark black background

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