• looks like she's done good with the trick or treating - historygradguy (jobhunting)
  • I saw so many girls walking barefoot on Halloween because they had to take their heels off. Plan ahead ladies, pack some sandals - historygradguy (jobhunting)
  • How does she not get a pop in that soft belly??lol...i mean a punch btw - famfiter

SDSU Sorority Girls in slutty Halloween costumes

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I was taking pics around Frat Row at San Diego State, when all these cars suddenly pulled up. Suddenly, I was surrounded with sorority girls dressed up in slutty Halloween costumes. Needless to say, I grabbed my camera out as fast as possible. haha

One of the head girls challenged me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was shooting in public legally and wasn't going to put these up for commercial puposes. Needless to say, she didn't seem too happy about this as the girls headed into the frat houses to surprise the frat boys.

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  1. ghamadhiera 55 months ago | reply

    Coy.. Panti pijat yuuuk

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  3. MRS BJ 54 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called halloween sluts, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. my.humble.self 52 months ago | reply

    Yeah,that's Halloween :D

  5. vish1987 49 months ago | reply

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  6. funphtgrphr 47 months ago | reply

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    I like it. Fun photo.

  7. devid5 45 months ago | reply

    hi are U All Friends .. Ur Looking Great

  8. GatorGirl7 44 months ago | reply

    Maybe they needed the attention cause their pervs

  9. GatorGirl7 44 months ago | reply

    So lame and stupid

  10. sharika2005 43 months ago | reply

    Im an 18 year old college freshman and believe me, this isn't slutty. So whatever. You're just sad that your life sucks and you can't get any.

  11. San Diego Shooter 43 months ago | reply

    haha I am not complaining...wish they would dress like this everyday - yes, slutty is subjective - I have seen much more skin just walking around campus on a normal day

  12. poodle head 43 months ago | reply

    hahah @ sharika....mature.

    I will never understand the "dress like a hooker" Halloween theme women do ....

  13. BlueMilk72 42 months ago | reply

    I'm only in my 30s but don't some of these girls look a little young to be in college, let alone a sorority? Maybe I've just seen too many Revenge of the Nerds movies.
    And yeah, the Slutty ______________ Costume is such a cop-out. Here's to the girls who actually wear costumes with a little thought put into them.

  14. SDWarrior1 19 months ago | reply

    Slutty? Phhhhttt, I've seen worst than this that makes these ladies from San Diego State look like nuns. Maybe they thought the guy taking the picture was a pervert or sex offender. They shoulda kicked your arse.

  15. ajc23 6 weeks ago | reply

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