The PACkers
"The PACkers" is an imagined double homicide between two political opponents - Nathaniel Stern and Calvin Whitehurst - incited by their Super PACs. These physical objects literalize the absurdity of mainstream political discourse in present-day USA. We hope they give us pause in how we consider the accusations of politicians and their media, and what we allow across them.


"This series of objects documents the horror story of American hero Nathaniel Stern's descent into madness - at the hands of MARN mayoral opponent Calvin Whitehurst, and the egregious lies of his Super PAC. The Stern for The Future, Unlimited (STFU) Foundation has, in a rare collaboration, teamed up with Whitehurst Timely Futures (WTF) to promote a fair and free and civil political discourse. We at STFU are pleased that WTF is finally coming to the table on such matters, and hope their past behaviors can finally be answered for, and put behind us." - STFU

"This small exhibition represents a failed attempt to partner with the Stern for the Future Unlimited (STFU) Foundation in the creation of an unbiased look at the truly curious and tragic murder of Calvin Whitehurst at the hands of Nathaniel Stern. The Whitehurst Timely Futures (WTF) was intentionally censored by STFU repeatedly during the creation of this display and thus some facts contained within remain skewed and sometimes completely false. The narrative that is presented here does not necessarily represent the views of WTF, Calvin Whitehurst, or the surviving Whitehurst family." - WTF
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