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I Got The Blues on The Bruce Part two

Hello everybody!! =^)

BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER IN FULL FRAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)!!!!!!!!!!!


This is quite similar to my previous scene of Indian Head Cove. in Tobermory, Ontario

just a slightly different angle, however this photo is for all you naturalists out there in flickr land that don't particularly like long exposure photography.


This is one shot taken at 1/50 sec at f/18, this is what the scene looked like straight from my eyes.


Since this is similar to my previous photo I will be posting another shot within a couple days or so. Sorry for cheating you!! =^)


For anyone who hasn't seen my previous photo of this spot click here and learn more above this breathtaking shoreline in Ontario.



Hello friends! I hope you all have a terrific weekend, be safe! =^) Sorry I have to post and crash, I will be back to comment on your streams in approximately 22 hours.


BTW if anyone uses BUZZ in Gmail, add me: bergeron.nathan@gmail.com, cheers!



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Taken on July 19, 2010