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62/365 - any ideas?.. | by natfly
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62/365 - any ideas?..

i spent a few hours of lovely daylight today searching for jobs, also searching for work experience in a studio. either would be fab! but mission failed, i only find things for wedding photographers in places i can't commute to anyway (or they require you to have a better cam than i have.. canon350d) and cleaning jobs for 2 hours and evening; of which 1 hours pay would go on a bus ticket.


so, here's my ad..

i'm 20 years old, i've studied photography, but not at degree level because.. well, the student "lifestyle" wasn't quite for me. i may well do this in the near future, but i want to see if i need it first with some nice work experience!


i'm looking for studio work experience, as that's the thing that i'm not technically amazing at (including the business side of it..) so, fashion, commercial, portrait, anything but preferably something that involves people!.. however beggars can't be chosers.


i've recently moved home to england from living in norway, so i'm in limbo, and i can't apply for study for next academic year... and i need to feel i atleast have a little bit of purpose!


i can travel to london, brighton and southampton for free on the train, and pretty much anywhere in the UK. but, take into consideration that i live in chichester, west sussex... (so for instance, a commute a few days a week to newcastle perhaps won't be an option)

i can also borrow a car mon-thurs and maybe weekends..


can you help?


[the orange light on my cheek is a portable heater thing, it's bloody cold today.. and i rapidly removed this from my face when i'd got the right image, it was starting to itch after about 10 seconds.. it's liquid eyeliner.. oh! and the writing is slightly childish because i wrote it backwards in the mirror, my handwriting is better than that ;)]

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