Standing on the Wings (NOT MY PHOTO)

This photo was Posted on January 15, 2009

by jkrums to . It is not my photo. Twitpic was down under the traffic so I put it here as a mirror.




Update PST 200801151440PST:

Twitpic was back up for me finally so I grabbed the full page to make source and rights issues even clearer, as was always my intention.




You can follow jkrums on twitter here:




Wow, just got an email from Good Morning America looking to use this photo. Of course it's not my photo to give -- I just wanted to help post a mirror since Twitpic was down -- but I pointed them to @jkrums (who I bet is still on the river in the ferry!)


AGAIN - please note that I did not take this photo. I have no rights to this photo. I'm simply trying to help people get news by re-posting (mirroring) the photo that somebody else posted to but that was unavailable because their site could not handle the traffic.


I changed the license of this photos to All Rights Reserved because they are not my rights to give away. I hope and trust I'm within some good standing because I only attempted to mirror the photo.


  • Andrew Mager 6y

    Cool photo
  • Chris Dymond 6y

    How on earth do you know they haven't got in touch with @jkrums and bought the rights?
  • imajes 6y

    Chris Dymond : It might have been bought. But history tells us that main stream media isn't that savvy. It's almost certain it's stolen.
  • bert boerland 6y

    @chris: i dont ... they might have... but from my experience, publish fist, ask questions later
  • Vince LaMonica 6y

    CNN did that to me during the 2000 crash of Alaska Airlines. Took first, then asked [and i granted, but only with contract in hand].
  • parkermulligan 6y

    Per his Twitter page this was taken from a ferry he was on which stopped in the river to rescue passengers.
  • bert boerland 6y

    nate doesnt claim copyright

    UPDATE:personally I fully trust nate's intensions

    UPDATE2: funny to see that nate found my twitter id in seconds :-)
  • bert boerland 6y

    @vjl, the world has changed since 2000, media have to move faster. and they publish fist and take care of copyright later. otherwise joe blogger will take traffic (and joe doenst care much about IP either :-)
  • Chris Dymond 6y

    "It's almost certain", but you said "Disgraceful MSNBC theft"

    Was that hyperbole?
  • imajes 6y

    Chris Dymond Sure. i posted initially before i had seen that MSNBC had interviewed Krums so i assumed it's stolen. stuff that's attributed that way often is. I'm willing to step up and admit i might be wrong, -- mostly because i'm sure i'm not.
  • Vince LaMonica 6y

    @bertboerland No, i mean that CNN did the same thing to me - they took w/o asking and an hour later, called me and we wheeled and dealed. Just liked MSNBC must be doing now... :)
  • Chris Dymond 6y

    Hmm. I wonder. I can imagine media companies have reviewed their rights management policies several times over the last few years. Not sure what the state of play is.
  • Katie Killary 6y

    yes definitely amazing - looks like twit pic is back up though, which is good!
  • Chris Dymond 6y

    @vjl doesn't that give you more leverage? I mean they can't play you off against someone else - they've already used the image!
  • bert boerland 6y

    @vjl so not that much has changed in the last 8 years :-)
  • Andrew Scott 6y

    Awesome this stuff is up so fast and available within minutes.
  • Vince LaMonica 6y

    The original photographer of this image was interviewed on MSNBC and correctly attributed to this image, but that info did not make it to the web folks.

    @bertboerland - you are correct; not much has changed at all. :( :)

    @Chris Dymond - the only leverage it gives me is i could have told them to not use it [and then not get paid for already-aired footage]. They wanted exclusive access to the photos I took of the a/c that crashed; I told them because they had already aired it, I would not give them that benefit, but they could still pay me $x for the right to use. They agreed, and I sold print rights to others and it made the front page of several US newspapers.
  • Vince LaMonica 6y

    The place to go [where all us airline addicts go as well as news media go [but they only go when there's a crash]] is That is where I published my photos first and that is how CNN, et al, contacted me from.
  • Jared Smith 6y

    Photographer to be on ABC's GMA shortly. Photo being properly attributed there.
  • Mike Licht 6y

    Captain Sullenberger of US Airways charged with goose poaching!

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Taken on January 15, 2009
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